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Settlement Services

Littman Krooks LLP will provide a complete review of the third party benefits received by the client and the client’s family.  We will determine the nature and status of all benefits currently received, and make recommendations about additional benefits which might be available to the client and the family.  If retained early in the case, we will work to access benefits for the clients to best position them to benefit from the settlement of the case.  We will make recommendations regarding allocation and structure of the settlement to maximize the value of the settlement to the clients.  This includes an analysis of the appropriateness of a special needs trust, including relevant tax consequences.

1. Benefit Analysis for All Family Members

1.1.   Current benefits – verify eligibility, amount of benefits received

1.2.   Potential benefits – determine additional benefits available to the client, assist with eligibility

1.3.   Prepare and handle applications

1.4.   Appeal denials of SSDI, SSI, Medicaid, Medicaid waiver and other benefits through state hearing, administrative appeal, and court

1.5.   Determine availability of private medical insurance if government benefits will be lost

2. Lien & Recovery Analysis

2.1.   Review status of subrogation liens

2.1.1.      Medicaid

2.1.2.      Medicare

2.1.3.      Private Insurance

2.1.4.      Other

2.2.   Contact appropriate agencies if not already put on notice

2.3.   Assist PI Counsel at their request in determining final lien amount

2.4.   Assist PI Counsel with lien and recovery negotiation

2.4.1.      Ahlborn calculations and arguments regarding Medicaid lien

2.4.2.      Review Medicaid claim detail report

2.4.3.      Review Medicare EOBs for actual expenditures related to the injury

3.      Medicare Set-Aside Arrangements (MSA)

3.1.   Analyze Medicare’s interest and need for MSA

3.2.   Project cost of future medical care

3.3.   Prepare MSA proposal

3.4.   Submit proposal to CMS for approval

3.5.   Draft MSA agreement/trust

3.6.   Provide consultation to MSA administrator

4.      Allocation issues

4.1.   Determine whether Qualified Settlement Fund (QSF/468B fund) is appropriate

4.1.1.      Prepare court documents

4.1.2.      Serve as QSF administrator

4.1.3.      Negotiate and draft all settlement agreements

4.1.4.      Reconcile fund

4.2.   Analyze value of various claims

4.2.1.      Loss of consortium claims

4.2.2.      Loss of services

4.2.3.      Wrongful death allocations

4.3.   Determine deeming issues for parent to child, spouse to spouse

4.4.   Analyze income and estate tax issues

5.      Structure of Settlement

5.1.   Evaluate sophistication of clients

5.2.   Review effect of receipt of lump sums and monthly income on benefits

5.3.   Determine amount of settlement needed in initial lump sum to meet the clients’ needs

5.4.   Determine appropriate structure to meet ongoing needs

5.5.   Introduce investment advisors and trustees, as appropriate

6.      Preparation of Settlement Preservation Trust and/or Special Needs Trust

6.1.   Determine and prepare type of trust to meet clients’ needs

6.2.   Seek approval of trust agreement by Medicaid and SSA, if necessary

6.3.   Seek court approval of trust, if necessary

6.4.   Assist in selection of corporate trustee

6.5.   Educate clients on trust requirements and rules

7.      Probate Process – Littman Krooks can prepare and handle all probate filings in any county within New York State.  We will also continue to represent the client and or family, or the professional trustee, through the duration of the probate proceedings.  Probate proceedings we manage include the following:

7.1.   Guardianship – estate and/or person

7.2.   Application to Settle Minor’s Claim

7.3.   Application to Settle Claim for Incompetent

7.4.   Special Needs Trust

7.5.   Application to Approve Wrongful Death Settlement

7.6.   Decedent’s estate

7.7.   Ongoing trust/guardianship administration

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