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We at Littman Krooks LLP believe that providing important, timely information to our clients and prospective clients is critical. We have developed a firm newsletter to keep you updated on a variety of issues. Please feel free to read any of our newsletters below. You may also sign up for future editions of our electronic newsletter.

Newsletter Archives

December 2016

Holiday Reflections – View Newsletter

October 2016

Ensure Meaningful Participation in Your Child’s IEP MeetingView Newsletter

September 2016

Register In Time To Allow A Person With Disabilities To Vote  – View Newsletter

August 2016

What If Your College-Bound Child Has A Medical Emergency: FERPA AND HIPAA – View Newsletter

July 2016

Moving to a New State When You Have a Family Member with a Disability – View Newsletter

June 2016

Potential Disclosure of Records Impacts Students with Special Needs – View Newsletter

May 2016

May is Mental Health Awareness Month – View Newsletter

March 2016

The Right to Vote for People with Disabilities – View Newsletter

February 2016

Tax Deductions & Credits for Special Needs Families – View Newsletter

January 2016

When You Suspect Your Child May Have a Disability  – View Newsletter

December 2015

Ensure Meaningful Participation in Your Child’s IEP Meeting – View Newsletter

November 2015

A Victory for Students with Dyslexia, Dyscalculia & Dysgraphia – View Newsletter

September 2015

Supplemental Needs Trusts As A Financial Plan – View Newsletter

August 2015

Can I Qualify for Medicare if I have a Disability? – View Newsletter

July 2015

Q&A: Extended School Year Programs for Children with Disabilities – View Newsletter

June 2015

What Are The Costs To Appoint A Guardian – View Newsletter

May 2015

Special Education Waiver Update (2015-2016) – View Newsletter

April 2015

Taking Your Diabetes To School – View Newsletter

March 2015

Innovated Service Network for Adults with Autism – View Newsletter

February 2015

Tax Deductions for Special Needs Families – View Newsletter

January 2015

Important Differences between 504 Plans in Public Schools and Colleges – View Newsletter

December 2014

Managing Special Needs Trusts – View Newsletter

November 2014

A Very Special Webinar Series – View Newsletter

October 2014

Parents and Teachers Can Take Action to Address Bullying of Children with Special Needs – View Newsletter

September 2014

Back-to-School Tips for Students with Special Needs and their Families – View Newsletter

August 2014

Changes in SSI Benefit Payments in New York  – View Newsletter

June 2014

Inheritance for a Child with a Developmental Disability –  View Newsletter

May 2014

The Rights and Responsibilities of an Adult with a Learning Disability – View Newsletter

April 2014

When Service Dogs Are Denied Public Access – View Newsletter

March 2014

Diplomas Available to Students with Disabilities –  View Newsletter

February 2014
The Differences Between 504 Plans in Public Schools vs. Colleges & Universities – View Newsletter

January 2014

Initiating Support Services for Adults & Seniors with Disabilities – View Newsletter

December 2013

The Greatest Gift – View Newsletter

November 2013

Holidays & Your Child with Special Needs – View Newsletter

October 2013

When The Need For A Service Animal Conflicts With A Building’s No-Pet Policy – View Newsletter

September 2013

How To Assist Students With Disabilities As They Enter College – View Newsletter

August 2013

Why You May Need A Special Education Advocate – View Newsletter

July 2013

Why Is A Letter of Intent Important? – View Newsletter

June 2013

Summer Time and Your Child with Special Needs – View Newsletter

May 2013

Navigating the Process of Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits – View Newsletter

April 2013

Why It Is Necessary to Plan For Your Special Needs Child – View Newsletter

March 2013

Special Needs Trusts: FAQs

View Newsletter

January 2013
Littman Krooks Strengthens Their Position in the Special Education Community

View Newsletter

December 2012

The Holidays and Your Loved One with Special Needs

View Newsletter

November 2012

Supporting Veterans in Your Local Community

View Newsletter

October 2012

Are Your Children Ready to Handle Your Estate?

View Newsletter

September 2012

Raising Awareness of Alzheimer’s

View Newsletter

August 2012

Back-to-School for the Special Needs Family

View Newsletter

July 2012

Voters with Special Needs Work for Access

View Newsletter

June 2012

Warning Signs of Financial Elder Abuse/World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

View Newsletter

May 2012

To Trust or Not to Trust?

View Newsletter

April 2012

What Should I know about Autism Awareness Month?

It’s Time to Protect Your Family and Your Future

View Newsletter

March 2012

March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month. How Can I Get Involved?

How Can I Learn More about Getting VA Health Benefits Faster?

View Newsletter

February 2012

Writing Workshops Offered To U.S. Veterans
Pooled Special Needs Trusts Can Provide Peace of Mind for Donors and Beneficiaries
Changes to High School Diplomas for Students with Disabilities in 2013
Special Education Advocacy Presentations
Financial Education Day

View Newsletter

January 2012
Bernard A. Krooks at the 46th Annual Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning
When Should You Update Your Estate Plan?
I’m Turning 30: Now What?
Tax Planning for Families with Special Needs
Sarita Bhandarkar Joins Firm

View Newsletter

December 2011

Retirement Planning: The Year-End Checklist
Claiming Your Parent as a Dependent
Free Transportation Resources Available for Seniors and People with Special Needs
Bernard A. Krooks featured in Alzheimer’s Report on Sirius XM Radio

View Newsletter

November 2011
Littman Krooks Selected Among U.S.News “Best Law Firms” in New York for 2011-2012
Gov. Andrew Cuomo Signs Autism Therapies Coverage into Law
NY Medicaid Changes Affect State Plans
View Newsletter

October 2011 Newsletter

Littman Krooks Partners Named “Super Lawyers” in New York for 2011
Estate Planning for Seniors Should Be Done Before a Life-Changing Event
How to Avoid Problems as a Trustee
Season Premiere of “Peace of Mind with Bernie the Attorney”

View Newsletter

September 2011 Newsletter

Bernard A. Krooks Selected for Inclusion in “Best Lawyers in America” for 2012
Once the School Year Begins: Tips for Parents with Children of Special Needs
New Guide Offers Relief for Parents, Guardians New to IEP Process
Special Education Advocacy: Building a More Collaborative Relationship With Your School District

View Newsletter

August 2011 Newsletter

Managing Alzheimer’s: Straight Talk and Planning
Who Will Stand in My Shoes: When Adult Children Need Lifelong Support and Supervision
While the Science is Still Uncertain, the Need to Plan for Your Child’s Future is a Sure Thing
Ellyn S. Kravitz on WPIX11 news segment, It’s Your Money: Securing Your Parents’ Future

View Newsletter

May 2011 Newsletter

New Blog Devoted to Special Needs
Avoid Sibling Disputes
Extended School Year Services
Pleased to Announce
Community Outreach
In the News

View Newsletter

January 2011 Newsletter

Pleased To Announce
Administration Abruptly Pulls Plug on Medicare End-of-Life Counseling
Tax-Cut Bill Sets Estate Tax Exemption at $5 Million for Two Years
Set an Educational Course for a Child with Special Needs: Individualized Education Programs
Community Outreach
In the News

View Newsletter

December 2010 Newsletter

Estate Tax Bill Containing Surprises for Wealthy
Medicaid Excess Income Program
Cuidado de Salud
Life Insurance on a Child with Special Needs
Community Outreach
In the News

View Newsletter

November 2010 Newsletter

‘New’ Dementia Unknown to Doctors
Dear Grandpa and Grandma…
Reviewing Your Medicare Plan
Protections for Children with Autism under the Law
Social Security May Put Lid on “Do-Over”
Margaret Vogt Leads Special Education Panel
Prevent Your Power of Attorney from Being Ignored
Community Outreach
In the News

View Newsletter

October 2010

Protecting Your House After You Move Into a Nursing Home
Independent Educational Evaluation: Know Your Rights
GAO Report Raises Concerns about Retirement Community Regulation
Letter of Intent
20 Questions for Long-Distance Caregivers
Charitable Remainder Trusts
Nicole Garcia: Community Activist

View Newsletter

September 2010
NY Law Safeguards Patient’s Right to Information
10 Reasons to Create an Estate Plan Now
NY Education Dept. Proposes Special Education Amendments
Your Retirement Age Can Affect Your Child’s Disability Benefits
Medicare Problems for Younger Beneficiaries with Disabilities
Book Review:The Hard Times Guide to Retirement Security
Tax Deductions for Assisted Living Costs
View Newsletter

August 2010 Articles:

Preparing for the New School Year
Online Legal Documents Company Sued
Nursing Home Residents Have Rights!
When Persons Living with Disabilities Marry
Health Reform Law’s Pre-Existing Condition Plan Kicks In
Costs of Long-Term Care Insurance

View newsletter

July 2010 Articles:

A Way to More Safely Give Gifts to Children
Getting Social Security While Living Overseas
Limited-Duration Long-Term Care Insurance
Divorce and Children with Special Needs
Please Don’t Pitch Those Records
School Districts Responsible for One-on-One Aides in Private Schools
New Health Care Website

View Newsletter

June 2010 Articles:

Steps to Take in Advance of Death or Disability
How to Prepare When Elderly Parents Move in with Adult Children
Extended School Year Services
Make Sure Your Life Insurance Policy Doesn’t Affect Your Estate Taxes
Signing the Social Security Application
Teacher Evaluations to be Tied to Test Scores
Circles of Care: How to Set Up Quality Home Care for Our Elders
State Publishes New York-Specific Special Education Regulations

View Newsletter

May 2010 Articles:

Medicare While Abroad
Summer Camp for a Child with Special Needs
Powers of Attorney Come in Different Flavors
New Online Medicare Application
Life Insurance and Children with a Disability
Shennelle Morant Joins Firm
Guide to NYC Special Ed Services

View Newsletter

April 2010 Articles:
Reception to Celebrate New Dutchess County Office
New Law Permits Health Decisions by Surrogate
18, 19, 21 Candles on that Cake
Don’t Leave Children Unequal Shares by Mistake
Student Suspensions: Know Your Rights
What is a Trust Protector?
Joan Munn: Law as a Fourth Career

View Newsletter

March 2010 Articles:
More Seniors Eligible for Big Medicare Drug Subsidy
Advocacy for Parents of Children with Disabilities
Littman Krooks Partners Earn Certification to Advocate for Vets
Things to Remember at Tax Time
Bernard A. Krooks at Westchester Arc
Harriet P. Schleifer Joins Littman Krooks
In the News
Seen and Heard

View Newsletter

February 2010
Littman Krooks Celebrates 20th Anniversary
Estate Tax Changes
Preparing for Your Child’s Annual Review
Visit Our New Website
Financial Crisis Affects Prepaid 529 Plan
Federal Legislation to Eliminate Use of Mental Retardation
Bank Pays Price for Refusing to Honor Request Made Under POA
Medicare Premium Rules Will Affect Some Large Trusts
View Newsletter

January 2010

Proposed Bill Bans Restraint an Seclusion Practices
The Secret of When Less Is More
Lauren Mechaly Joins Firm
No Change in Medicaid Spousal Improverishment Standards for 2010
The Boomer’s Guide to Aging Parents
Understanding the Difference Between a Will & a Trust
View Newsletter

December 2009
Support Services for Family Caregivers
What Is a Special Needs Trust
What Property May a Person Receiving SSI Own?
IRS Issues Long-Term Care Premium Deductibility Limits for 2010
The Medicaid Application Process
Insurance Extension for Adult Children Up to Age 29
The Referral Process: First Step to Special Education
Medigap Coverage to Change
Seen and Heard
View Newsletter

October 2009
Deepa Gopal: An Independent Spirit
Tips for Reviewing Your Child’s IEP
Don’t Forget to Pass On Your Passwords
New Power of Attorney Law Attempts to Curb Abuse
View Newsletter


Winter 08
Nation In Transition: What DTV Means To You
Helping A Family – A Story of Light In the Business of Busyness
Have You Reviewed Your Estate Plan Lately?

Summer 08
If Your World is Like the Real World, Then Join the “Safe Trust” World
A Paralegal’s Summer Check-Up

Summer 07

Emergency Preparedness for Persons with Disabilities and Caregivers
Should I have a Will?

Winter 06

A Planning Tool for Families of Children with Special Needs

Winter 05

Medicaid Planning Can Protect Your Savings But Beware of Common Errors
A “Special Edition”: A Child with Special Needs Shapes an Attorney’s Career

Winter 04

Medicaid Resource & Income Levels
Medicaid Planning with 529 Plans
German War Reparations

Fall 03

But I Still Want to Live in My Own Home.
New Privacy Rates Restrict Family Access to Health Information

Spring 03

Do I need a Will?
When Your Pet Outlives You
How an Elder Law Attorney Can Contribute to Comprehensive Estate Planning?

Fall 02

The Medicaid Application Process – What To Expect
What Social Security Can Mean To You & Your Family

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