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How Unified Sports Foster Inclusion on the Field, and Beyond

November 13th, 2019

Playing sports on a school team is an experience many people will treasure for a lifetime. Students with certain disabilities do not get a chance to play on a sports team. These students stand to benefit greatly from an opportunity to play.

Unified sports are sports in which players with disabilities and partners, players without disabilities, can play on sports teams together. These teams practice together, play games against other teams, and give the schools and communities to which they belong something to come together and cheer for. The Special Olympics developed the Unified Sports model.

One of the biggest benefits of unified sports programs is the inclusion they promote, both on and off the field. Students can build relationships with others they may not regularly interact with. This is a two-way street for the Unified Sports teams. The athletes with disabilities can explore the fun of sports, and the partners who play with them can make new friends.

These programs encourage physical activity and exercise. They give the Unified Sports athletes the great pride that comes along with growth and sportsmanship.  The sense of belonging on a team or within a community is an underestimated reward for everyone involved.

The number of unified sports teams is growing steadily in the U.S. Advocates for Unified Sports programs have been working hard to spread the news that unified sports increase inclusion everywhere.

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